Friday, 6 May 2016

Maddi's Movie Magic

To all of you film buffs out there you will know there is a lot of must see films coming to the big screen soon. Even if all of them aren't for you, there will definitely be one you will want to see. 

These are the three I cannot wait for ...

Number 1. ‘X-men Apocalypse’, I love the X-men films and they are 100% my favourite team of comic heroes, and with another trip down memory lane featuring the sexy James McAvoy as the great Professor X this is definitely on top of my list.

Number 2. ‘Alice through the looking glass’, it's one of my favourite childhood books coming to life again with an array of amazing actors portraying the crazy bunch of wonderland inhibitors. 

Number 3. Is ‘Me Before You’, I am the biggest sucker for a romantic film and this looks like one of those heart wrenching stories I will definitely need a box of tissues for, but I will continue to watch any romantic film as I am still waiting for a film that is as beautiful as the notebook (if you know one please let me know) 


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