Monday, 23 May 2016

Holiday Tips

In a month i will be setting off with my mum for our Annual holiday, this time it's to sunny Crete. Now, how ever much I wish I was a beautiful mermaid with hair that doesn't get sun damaged and skin that doesn't make me look like a ghost with red splodges, it's just not who I am.

So here's my top tips when preparing to venture somewhere gorgeous and hot!

1. Eat well and work out. Now I don't mean a week before you go don't eat anything so you look like your about to keel over at any second, I mean a few months before you get on that plane just think about what your eating and take some time out of your day to do a little toning up. A few months ago I decided to purchased Holly Hogan's Body Bible, it has a weekly meal plan and a work out scheduled that I'm even able to keep up with. I'm starting to feel great and noticing a difference. I can tell you that in doing this it will make you feel that bit more confident when strutting around In your favorite bikini. 

2. Purchase some fake tan. Now I am a fan of pale skin and I really wish I was one of those lucky people who has a flawless porcelain complexion but I am not so lucky. However the times I have made an effort to slap a little fake tan on before I go away it has given me a great boost of confidence so would always recommend doing this. But please remember to still pack some good old sun cream because even though you may look like a tanned goddess your skin is still delicate as ever. 

3. Hair removal time. I'm defiantly not a girl who dares to go all natural so before I'm about to bare all on a beach I book myself in for an all over wax, I'm sure no one what's to see me looking like a lost chewbacca. 

4. Treat yourself. Before I go away I want to feel my best, so I always treat myself to having my hair done, I always feel lovely after and it's good to treat yourself once in a while. Always take time out to do something that makes you feel special, like a massage or manicure, it'll make a worlds difference when you get to your new destination.

5. Packing prep. Ok I know a month in advance maybe a little to much for some of you happy go lucky people but I can suffer with feeling a little anxious if I'm not prepared, so I like to make a list of things I'm going to be packing and over time make sure everything is in order, it helps me feel calm and get into that holiday spirt. 

By no means am I saying these are must dos, they are just a few things that make me feel good about myself before going away, so my lovely mermaids, hope you enjoy your summer. Xxx

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