Monday, 9 May 2016

Empty Casket Jewellery

I came across Empty Casket a year ago when I was after some jewellery that was a little different. Since then I have become a woman possessed and I don't know if that's because their amazing witchy style jewellery has cast a spell over me...

However over the past year I have brought a significant amount from them and their stock keeps getting better making me constantly pop my hand in my pocket and purchase another ring or two, I have also took it upon myself to start asking for somethings as presents (my boyfriend has become a regular)... 

But in all seriousness the great thing about Empty Casket is the fact the large majority of their stunning alternative jewellery is all sterling silver and doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Because of this I'm sure I will continue down this path until I have it all or their is no room left on my body, but yes I have found my little piece of jewellery heaven online and I think you should check it out for yourself. xxx

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